advitha November 15, 2018

Political marketing differs throughout the world. Even though geographically the UK is close to Europe in many respects their cultures are very different and this is reflected in the difference between UK and other European political advertising campaigns. In the UK people tend to strongly identify with the leader of a party, whether this is […]

advitha October 19, 2018

In a few words, we can summarize all about becoming profitable with your business ideas within four very easy stages. Understanding. Preparation. Do it Now. Sell it. There are no simple way to making money with your ideas for a business. Let’s put it this way. If you’re seeking a bypass that you can use […]

advitha September 18, 2018

I was informed yesterday that one of the major shopping outlets this year would stop greeting customers as they walk into their store with the politically correct phrase, “Happy Holidays.” Instead, they have instructed their employees to use the politically incorrect phrase of, “Merry Christmas.” It seems that every business in the USA has changed […]

advitha August 20, 2018

he USA was not always the global economic leader. It took its current place more or less after the world wars. Before the USA, the UK was the global economic leader. The Sterling Pound was worth a lot more than what it is worth today relative to the Singapore Dollar. I remember my parents and […]

advitha July 16, 2018

It is a natural phenomenon for small business to be deeply involved in the particular skills and operations of the business. A fundamental issue that many small businesses overlook is that the particular industry in which they work and their personal skills are just tools of the trade not the trade of business itself. That […]

advitha June 19, 2018

Accounting software is used by accountants to enter many complex financial transactions into the financial books of account and is almost invariably based upon double entry bookkeeping principles. A major advantage to those companies and the finance staff is the extent to which financial information contained in the database can be queried for financial control […]