advitha February 15, 2019

One cannot live on a myth in the present; the tradition is being constantly transformed; old is giving way to new in ways more than one. The new changes, or the crossover of trends and fashions, may be generating a feeling of existential urgency; the sublime seems to be melding with the trivial and the […]

advitha November 15, 2018

Political marketing differs throughout the world. Even though geographically the UK is close to Europe in many respects their cultures are very different and this is reflected in the difference between UK and other European political advertising campaigns. In the UK people tend to strongly identify with the leader of a party, whether this is […]

advitha September 18, 2018

I was informed yesterday that one of the major shopping outlets this year would stop greeting customers as they walk into their store with the politically correct phrase, “Happy Holidays.” Instead, they have instructed their employees to use the politically incorrect phrase of, “Merry Christmas.” It seems that every business in the USA has changed […]